Ciao'der House / NADA / Governors Island, 2022

Approaching New York City's free newspapers as the city's intrinsic tangible neural source network for a means of production by acknowledging that these papers are representative of a collective local interest. Said newspapers are fed into river water drip systems that are built within the federal architecture to digest the news into a grey matter material mass, finding new valuation as fire briquettes and analogue AR phone cases. This pulp process encourages mutation as stories change between various news outlets, reshaping, enhancing and compacting. Together with Nicolas Schaltegger.

• a soft, wet, shapeless mass of material.
• popular or sensational writing that is regarded as being of poor quality.

Epitatts / Compound / Yucca Valley, 2021

98.6°F/37°C, a grand opening, the new mortological temperature advancement in tattoo ink, only to be activated when the tattooee’s skin temperature dips below 59°F/15°C. Epitatts will be invisible until death--your vessel tatted, you're given one final chance to speak your epitaph so you don't have to take it to the grave. Together with Aaron Poritz, Raine Trainor.

LMNOP / Marinaro / New York, 2021

Jan’s Pond / Jack Barrett / New York, 2019

There’s a pond or a puddle, depends on how you look at it, that occupies one gig of pride beyond the tree line. It has proven to be its surroundings most expressive feature, an eye of earth that allows reflection, regardless of its depth. Which is impossible to decipher anyhow and to comprehend it is to injure eternity. Simply toss a water soluble bag into the water from the shore. Within 24 hours the pond will take on a beautiful appearance that will reflect the sky. This pond is Jan’s pond. It is potentially infinite and probably minute. The perfect setting for an empath to ponder the difference of ice and sewage, a pool overflowing from the hose left on, a crooked cuckoo that never chimes, a bad case of island greed, a self reliant duck who calls this pond home. A place to meet and give each other a new sip of that musty old pond that we are. You can be sure of two things at Jan’s pond, whatever is reflected is true and Whoever was on a budget the day they created it.


NoHuntingPurple14319 / It’s A Trap, organized by Where? / New York, 2018 - ongoing
Together with Colleen Tuite - photo: Michael Varhenwald


The Property / 247365 / New York, 2017

A sidewalk of considerable softness, a faith in strangers, what happens when you apply the game of telephone to your diary and the content becomes dictated for you not by you. Do things change time or does time change things? The consensus says it's cooler to stand in the shade.

What I remember most was the dogs that used to sit in the driver and passenger seat of a parked car. The brown one had a black hat and the black one had a brown hat and they would compliment each other all day.

Breakaway Bar / Signal Gallery / Montauk, 2017

Together with David Kirshoff, Raine Trainor, Sarah McElwee.


Elimination / Nebulous / New York, 2017

Gather your friends, dim the lights, and get the popcorn ready. Calling thrill-seekers, alone or with an audience. The fun of conquering your fears and discovering the truth together! Rumor has it Craigslist is a hoax or a prank – an empty website where a few can enter a new world and meet the dead again. The world is known as the Mnemonic Abyss where the dead wander indefinitely. Curiosity brings many to this site – those who do not believe or those trying to solve the mystery behind it, and some who are simply looking for a list friend or a beloved husband. Experience four unique character's perspectives in a gripping story. Together with Nicolas Schaltegger, Wax, Auto Body - performance: Aerial Zambenedetti - video: Gregory Kalliche, Irina Jasnowski, Raine Trainor, Henry Gunderson, Chris Rice, Roxanne Yamins.

Ask the Mouth / Hudson Square / New York, 2016

Between the cellar and the mountain lies a chamber, u can hear the beating of a heart, the gurgling of the intestines, a breeze melody in the distance…do u know that the memory of a fish lasts only a second. I know that there are only moments, they can happen with a man, a woman, a room filled with E-wine, these are shared states of grace. We dare u to breathe. We dare u to ask the mouth. Together with David Kirshoff, Raine Trainor - special thanks: Miguel Perez.

Block Party / Sculpture Center / New York, 2015

A stand was set up to alter clothing tailor-like but with water soluble thread—ensuring customers would never have to think twice about suggested modifications.

NADA / 247365 / New York, 2015


Arizona / LES / New York, 2015

On this life extension special -— vacation is a must; as is the desire to inject pure Oxygen into the workflow. Wouldn't you like to backwash that plate chiller? A separation between the interest and the plausible; a 37 hour bus-ride, or 90 seconds in the chill-wizard, either way you'll wind up in Arizona, panic in your own calm.

~escape~ the city, the work, the load, the frustration; get back to your chill zone, to the patio, to Arizona; always embedded with several components in logical, sequential order that allows for CIP (clean-in-place) simplicity, semi-automation and high efficiency. Together with Anne Kunsemiller, Raine Trainor, David Kirshoff, Wilt Stewart, Miguel Perez.

Planet Midtown / Violet's Cafe / New York, 2015

Dung Sun / 247365 / New York, 2014

There's an airplane in the hereafter with beautiful views from the windows. The sun rollin' rotation snowflake, bottled essence of brass band, when u laugh the music gets louder. A short pencil with no eraser, cathy who lives in the gravy, a procession of incoherent images. A specific experience of abnormal meaningfulness.

From the windows u can see time dilate as the light rolls in to strike transparent films of titanium oxide, part is reflected and part passes through. The light passing through is delayed and returns to the surface out of step with the original light. Here the waves either cancel or augment each other to produce an interference color.

"Interference in a thin transparent cuticle gives rise to the colors of some beetles." Kurt Nassau, "The Causes of Color," Scientific American, V.243, No. 4 October, 1980, p. 124.

Hero House / LES / New York, 2014

[the hero] in the ordinary world, is called to adventure, to find the elixir, but to adventure, [the hero] must overcome fear and hesitation. To make it out of the ordinary world, you will need a flashlight. Protective footwear strongly encouraged.


Be tested, endure the supreme ordeal, push the limits, exercise a greater potential than you ever thought possible. Live by your own rules and die by your own rules.


Sometimes it's a special weapon like a magic sword or it may be a token like the grail or some elixir which can heal the wounded land. Sometimes the elixir is a treasure won on the quest, or love, or the experience, or just the knowledge that the special world exists and can be survived. Unless [the hero] comes back with the elixir, [the hero] is doomed to repeat the adventure until [the hero] succeeds. Together with Anne Kunsemiller, Raine Trainor, David Kirshoff, Wilt Stewart, Miguel Perez and Bill- text: Kunsemiller - video: Kirshoff


Yellow Humpy / 321 / New York, 2014

Also pictured: Gil Gentile/Thomas Trudgeon, Evan Whale

Function Room / Violet's Cafe / New York, 2013

Also pictured: Ann Green Kelly, Graham Hamilton

Night Cap Nitrate / The Manse / Ithaca, 2013

Squat / LES / New York, 2013

24hrOnly . 24hrFitness // 1DayBeachBody No membership required; we're squatting. SQUAT offers an experience to get you immediate results. Insta-RIPPED, InstaRAMMED. Pound the flavor, the living juices. Push your body to the limit -- get shredded abs and ripping results. If all else fails, muscle beach baybes, with their 1daybeachbody regiment, will provide body sculpting spray and immediate definition. Join us for the trial run of a sculptural circuit training.. "Blissed out feeling, like being 'laid out in lavender'.." Together with Anne Kunsemiller and Raine Trainor - text: Kunsemiller

Zip / Fort Greene / New York, 2013

A [ZIP] is designed to enable a work, propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable by holding onto, or attaching to, the freely moving pulley." Having invited the artist to make work, "to be experienced within a specially-expedited, viewing situation," that is the ZIP format, [we] are then interested in understanding the form of play incited. To limit the viewing possibilities, and the irl viewing time, the work aggressively addresses a proximal distance with the viewers' attention deficit. The threat of loss that prompts Rihanna to cry/wail "I want you to stay," the confusion that moves JT's falsetto, 'goooone', the impetus behind Kelly Clarkson's 3 separate songs on leaving, 'Already Gone', 'Since You've Been Gone', 'Gone.' Practice in hands free mobility, a touchless experience, where the work involved is known through memory before the party is over. Together with Anne Kunsemiller and Fabz - thanks: Raine Trainor, Sarah Zapata, Allie Cirgenski, David Kirschoff - text: Kunsemiller - photo: Daniel Mcmahon
works by: August Barber, Marlous Born, Nick DeMarco, Sarah Elliott, Mila Geisler, Lukas Geronimas, Ames Gerould, Darren Goins, Elizabeth Jaeger, Sean Keenan, Scott Keightley, David Kirshoff, Tony Lowe, Tin Nguyen, Andy Meerow, Patrick Mohundro, Kamau Patton, Chris Rice, Jen Rosenberg, Alexander Shaw, Holly Stanton, James Weinheimer, Sarah Zapata

Sean Keenan

Scott Keightley

Sarah Zapata

Bud / New York, 2013

Two uninvited guests walked through the park at night on crutches over soft soil making holes and filling one another's in expectation of a delayed message.

Counting Careful / Josée Bienvenu / New York, 2013

We watched people having accidents on Americas Funniest Home Videos. The performance is based on the bodies reaction to pain as seen; schadenfreude. Performed with Mira Cook

Regolith / Jack Chiles / New York, 2012

Slit / La Rumorosa / Mexico, 2011

Car headlights sweep around a curve to briefly illuminate a hundred yards of reflective tape as the landscape it traces remains unseen in the dark.

Fountain / Opera Plaza / San Francisco, 2010

Change was collected out of a fountain, counted and separated. Pennies manufactured before 1983, which are made of solid copper and worth 2 cents as a raw metal were flattened on the train tracks and traded in at a metal scrap yard. This money plus the other change in the fountain totaled $9.17. With these funds a ten-foot piece of copper tubing was bought, divided into 3 parts and added to the fountain.

Large / Cirrus / Los Angeles, 2009


Palm Pilot / Los Angeles, 2008

A population of forty-three date palms adjacent a shopping mall was pollinated over the course of a month. A year later, the dates were harvested before fully ripe. To speed up the ripening process, the dates were boiled for five minutes and then placed in an oven at one-hundred degrees until dry. After animal and human taste testing, the dates were deemed low quality. Chewy and fibrous, the dates lacked the sweetness and texture of store-bought product. The consistency of the dates were comparable to beef jerky. Soy sauce, lemon juice, brown sugar, jalapeno and pepper were combined with the dry dates and marinated for twenty-four hours. The dates were sampled and it was decided that the crop had been saved, Date Jerky was ready for market. Gains from Date Jerky sales helped fund the construction of a self-portrait-like statue. Additional collections were made by selling aerial photographs of my date crop to local businesses and homes also pictured in the photos. The photographs were taken from a helicopter when rides were available during a weekend air show. The statue's size was determined by the amount of bronze I was able to purchase. The bronze figure was installed in the sidewalk amongst the date palms. photo: Juan Palacio - thanks Seann Brackin, Dana Maiden, Evan apRoberts, Justin Hoffman, Seth Pringle, Matthew Ashjian, William Ransom, Feodor Voronov, Nisa Schoonhoven, Michael O'Malley.


Gripman / San Francisco, 2008

Cosmos Factory / Los Angeles, 2008

Light up signs along the freeway were photographed from a moving car. The shape and orientation mimics the freeways where the signs were found.

A piece of paper was photocopied, then the copy photocopied and this process repeated on and on. Stopping when the degraded image began to invent itself.

I mapped the moles on the front and back of my body. Each wire represents one mole.

Doughvertising, 2007

An empty beanbag was tossed into the air and it looked like giant pizza dough. The logo of a new pizza shop was spray painted on it and I approached the owner with the prototype. He requested a design upgrade; I delivered and then went national. A year of correspondence with Little Caesar, was complied into a book.